Come Dine With Us

Contemporary Meals with a Local Twist


Every meal is a delicious and memorable celebration.

Dining, which is as much a part of your safari experience as the safari itself, provides you with the gourmet Big Five: Safari halt. Breakfast. Lunch. afternoon Tea & Dinner.

Restaurant Shongololo

Celebrating local origin, legacy, and culture.

Shongololo is a gourmet adventure

A Gourmet Adventure Awaits

From start to completion, dining at Shongololo is a gourmet adventure. Guests are served various dishes in theatrical settings, sparking all their senses and making the dining experience thrilling and interactive

To get to the gallery and the restaurant beyond, you must first visit a modern grange’s veranda. Mbazo House was deliberately constructed to set the tone for Shongololo’s elegant dining experience. It was named after the Great Kruger Tusker, which inspired architect Francois van der Westhuizen’s dramatic modern safari style. Dining at Shongololo is a delicious adventure from start to finish. Guests are offered a variety of foods in theatrical settings, which stimulate all of their senses and make the eating experience exciting and participatory.

Shongololo is only open for lunch to non-resident guests on occasion, depending on availability. Lunch appointments can be made up to three months in advance. Please contact the Shongololo staff at to make a reservation or for further information on arriving to Mbazo by road or air.

shongololo restaurant

Flavours Inspired by the Traditions of Africa

With the addition of Restaurant Shongololo to the Mbazo dining guest experience, the culinary traditions, ingredients, and regional produce of the Northwest Province are the shining stars on a seasonal menu that is rooted not only in the remote and dramatic landscapes of Pilanesberg, but also in the resourceful and creative people of this remote, undiscovered region.

This seasonal menu was inspired not only by the dramatic landscapes of Pilanesberg, but also by the people of this undiscovered region. The launch of Shongololo on the reserve has reinforced the culinary relationship between African-born Executive Chef Mpumeleleo and the Mbazo family. As part of its journey toward greater sustainability, Mbazo’s dedication to celebrating local origin, tradition, and culture makes it the ideal location for the renowned chef’s first home-town restaurant.


Celebrate Southern Africa Under the Stars

At Shongololo, the dining experience places a strong emphasis on the telling of stories. Chef Mike collaborated with Mbazo’s culinary artist, The Don, and pastry chef Gladness to conduct extensive study on authentic African flavours, historical cuisines, and traditions over the course of several years.

The restaurant’s seasonal multi-course menu draws its inspiration from the use of locally sourced ingredients and sustainable purchasing practises. The Stargazing Gallery at Shongololo, which is positioned a few metres above the Tambotie Forest in the Pilanesberg, is the centrepiece of this modest design.

Our job is to insure that a celebration reflects a client’s style, taste, vision, and yes – even their dreams. This belief has served us well for more than 40 years, and we have remained on the edge of culinary creativity, constantly refining ourselves and our food to make dreams become reality.

Dining at Mbazo
Dining at Mbazo
strong emphasis on storytelling

Executive Chef Mpumelelo

Storytelling is a key aspect of the dining experience at Shongololo.
Chef Mike spent years researching real African flavours, historical cuisines, and traditions, collaborating with Mbazo’s culinary artist, The Don, and pastry chef Gladness.

The seasonal multi-course menu at the restaurant is inspired by local sourcing and sustainable purchasing. At the heart of this small design is Shongololo’s Stargazing gallery, located metres above the Pilanesberg’s Tambotie Forest.


Handblown Glass & Handcrafted Ceramics.

The ceramics, glassware and the dining tables form just as an important part of the dining experience. The handcrafted ceramics are locally crafted by the multi award-winning Mervyn Gers Ceramics, while the glassware is handblown by Ngewnya Glass using 100% recycled materials.

Dining at Mbazo