Mbazo Safari Lodge

A Premier South African Safari Lodge Offering an Authentic African Experience, Inspired by the Traditions and Values of Our Ancestors


People-Centred Service as Authentic as Mbazo

At the heart of Mbazo’s success lies a profound commitment to you – our cherished guests – as well as to the magnificent African land, its wildlife, and its people.

With a history deeply rooted in the intersection of food, art, and commerce, our journey began over four decades ago. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to delight, inspire, and be inspired. From our humble beginnings as a small storefront deli on Church Street in Pretoria in 1979, we’ve evolved into a leading hospitality firm, offering an authentic African experience as a distinguished South African safari lodge.

Our mission remains unchanged – to ensure that every celebration reflects your unique style, taste, and dreams. This philosophy has been the cornerstone of our success, keeping us on the cutting edge of culinary creativity for over 40 years.

Our cuisine concept is simple yet profound, focusing on seasonal, local foods to bring out the best flavours of the region. We take immense pride in offering you an award-winning restaurant experience right within our lodge.

At Mbazo, we don’t just provide a service; we craft an experience tailored for you. Join us in savouring the magic of authentic hospitality, where your dreams take centre stage.


Our Mbazo experience was nothing short of incredible. - Stephanie

The food was outstanding and the staff made our stay very memorable. The lodge hosted a boma night which was the highlight of our trip and highly recommended Mbazo to anyone looking for luxury and tranquility. Book Now
About Mbazo

Our Creation Cycle is Deliberately Low-Tech

Crafting genuine connections with local communities is a core aspect of our commitment to preserving the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region at Mbazo, your quintessential South African safari lodge. Our dedication to providing an authentic African experience extends beyond the boundaries of our lodge, fostering sustainable growth and empowerment in the communities we engage with.

By going on a true discovery that has been crafted for each guest, you are assisting us to care for the people, fauna & flora of the loved destinations that you visit. People-centred service as authentic as Mbazo Lodge. The reason Mbazo came into existence was to provide jobs, skills and hope to people living in desperate poverty. Each Mbazo discovery is spiced with our promise to take care of the heart & soul of what nature provides.


A Celebration of, and Commitment to, the Beauty of Africa

Our services, linen and packaging are hand-made by experienced crafters. We support small local suppliers and producers. Our wild ingredients are hand-harvested by people living in remote areas of Southern Africa where economic opportunities are almost non-existent.

Crater of Dreams

Take a Walk Inside the Crater of Dreams

The Pilanesberg Alkaline Ring Complex, mistakenly marketed by operators as an extinct volcano, is actually a very rare formation called a ‘ring dyke complex’ meaning that the volcano that should’ve erupted, didn’t. The magma cooled under the ground before it erupted, and then later collapsed in the centre, forming a ‘volcano’ (now called the Mankwe dam). Then with millions of years of erosion, the hard rock stayed behind forming the mountains around the centre in concentric circles as we see today.

Are you ready for a very personal South African safari experience?


Answers to Frequent Questions

What is the weather like?

The average maximum temperature ranges from 21°C/70°F in July to 35°C/95°F in January, with the lowest average minimum temperature happening in July.

When are the Best Times to Visit?

The animals in Pilanesberg National Park are non-migratory, as a result, rather than changing with the seasons, the safari experience continues to evolve throughout the year.

What do I need to know about Malaria?

Mbazo Safari Lodge in Pilanesberg National Park is located in a part of South Africa where the malaria-carrying mosquito does not live and thus is categorized as MALARIA FREE.

Where are we Located?

Mbazo Safari Lodge is located on Black Rhino, a privately controlled 2100ha part of the Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa.

Can the Whole Lodge be Booked?

Absolutely! The intimate lodging is inspired by the Red-Billed Buffalo Weaver. This bird has been observed in small family groups or in large flocks, thus you as a discerned guest can book the lodge as a couple, family or large flock, capable to serve up to 10 callers.

Is the Lodge Family Friendly?

Definitely! The resort welcomes guests of all ages.

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